I missed putting a song up last time, so now I’m giving you two. The first one is by an artist I just recently discovered, The SVNH, and if you haven’t listened to her stuff, you SHOULD. She’s fantastic and her music is perfect for the type of writing I need to do on a one-shot Monday 😉 Check out the song that’s been on loop. The other song is one that’s feeding the endless stream of thoughts I have about our upcoming book, Cookie Fix. Listen for the feels.

Now that’s out of the way, did you guys know it’s only ONE FUCKING WEEK UNTIL IASAD IS OUT.

*ahem* I’m sorry. I’m just freaking out a little bit.

So I have a list of things going down this week. Today is pretty simple. Today I’m just giving you a little peek into what life will look like for me over the next week as I sign books and pack pre-order boxes and signed copies to ship out. I’ll be posting a couple videos on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing that. Tomorrow, I want to support my fellow indie authors so in honor of me officially joining that crowd, I’m doing a giveaway where you’ll tag your favorite indie author, and one lucky person will get a book by that author from their wishlist. Wednesday, I finally have Kat’s house on the Sims ready for you 😉 Thursday, I want you guys to help me find the perfect Nex and if you participate, you’re entered in a giveaway for book swag. Then Friday, another giveaway! lol. This time it’s for any book on your wishlist, doesn’t have to be indie, it’s more just about spreading the love of books among those with similar interests. This whole process of self publishing has made me even more appreciate the work that authors go to for a finished manuscript, and this giveaway is just kind of in honor of that and open to books by any author, indie or otherwise. Saturday, honey and I are going to do some shopping to get ready for the mini party we’re having for book release day on Monday. I’ll be grabbing some bourbon for Nex and wine for Kat, and maybe a few other things too so if you want to have a drink with me on release day, you can see what I’ve picked out. Sunday, I’ll be releasing a recipe video as honey is currently perfecting Kat’s trap cake recipe. I’ll post the video and the recipe on Sunday, if anyone feels like trying it out.

Then it’s release day. It’s freaking release day. Of the book I wrote (is this the Twilight Zone?). In case it isn’t clear, I still haven’t processed I’m publishing a book. Not sure when it’ll sink in but it definitely hasn’t thus far. Anyway, release day is gonna be fun! I’m doing stuff across all my platforms. So Monday, I’m doing an Ask Me Anything both on instagram stories and in my facebook readers group (if you haven’t joined yet, you should. We’re close to 100 members and when we get there, I’m doing a giveaway!). Along with that on Monday, I’m also doing an ebook reader giveaway. If you post a screenshot that you’re reading IASAD on release day, I’ll pick one random winner to send a signed copy to!

On discord, I’ll be doing a voice chat reading both in the morning and in the evening in the hopes that my international friends can attend. Time differences are rough, but I’d really like my people from all around the globe to be able to join in. I’ll let you know the times as soon as I converse with my discord group and hopefully find times that if not everyone, at least the most people can attend. Then for the rest of the book release week, I’m going to post honey’s annotations on IASAD (not all of them. There are too many lol but I’ll give you the highlights). It’ll be something like Chapters 1-7 on Tuesday, 8-15 on Wednesday, 16-23 on Thursday, 24-31 on Friday, 32-39 on Saturday, and then the final chapters on Sunday.

Now, for those of you on the newsletter, you get your own special giveaway. I will be giving away a signed and annotated hardback copy of IASAD to one of my subscribers. The details of how to be included will be on the email I send out today and again on release day. You have time to join if you haven’t 😉

Phew. That’s a lot of stuff, but I’m so excited for all of it!

Now, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the next book I’ll be publishing. I’m still not quite ready to announce that, and I haven’t worked on it very much because most of my energy has gone towards getting this first book out there. I’ll let you know when I have a more concrete schedule.

So, you’d think this week would be full of just excitement and I’d be bouncing off the walls, right? Right? I mean, I thought I’d be.


Imposter Syndrome has paid me an unwelcome visit and knocked me down so hard, I’ve mostly been bouncing off the walls from anxiety lol. I know it seems silly since the book is already technically out there, but this makes it real, and more accessible for everyone, and I don’t know. I’m nervous to grow outside my tribe. I feel I’ve been so lucky to end up in the community I have with all my readers. You guys really have no clue how much you brighten my day. Especially this weekend after the most recent Wanted update (I’m LIVING for the long comments and theories coming in on that post). When I get comments, or messages, or even just likes, that’s what keeps me going. That’s what doesn’t let Imposter Syndrome win. It’s funny to me because I’ve gotten the comment more than once from my readers that they’d love to do celebrate with me on release day, or they’d love to gush with me but I’m probably tired of hearing it, but NO. I’ll never be tired of hearing it. And honestly? I want to celebrate with you guys. You are my people. You are my tribe. You are my ride or dies. So many of you have stuck with me from the very beginning and made everything that’s happening now possible. Celebrate with someone else? No fucking way. Not when I have you guys.

So yes, I will be active on all my platforms on release day. I may be quaking from nerves and anxiety, but I’ll be there, so happy to hear anything you guys want to talk about, and even more happy to share in this special milestone with you. I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend my first publication day than with the people who keep me going. When that Imposter Syndrome knocks me down, your support lifts me up. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate than with all of you. Thank you for being here and encouraging me, in any way that you’ve managed to. I deeply appreciate each of you and I can’t wait to celebrate the first of many publications to come.

Seven days.

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